Appreciation list of Officers+ (That I know) and why I like them. :)


  • Long time friend and is the sweetest mentor I have in GAR, he’s a friend and I can learn a lot from him we share very similar humor and we like to bother Zebuka together. He shares a love of CG with me and I met him before I was unbanned from GAR, he was very good friends with Vivibe and that spiked our friendship to talking nearly all the time.


  • I’ve known him since the OG days, I’ve gotten to know him quite well and enjoy our love for Jojo’s bizarre adventure. His cats are realy cute, and we have lots of mutual friends so our circle is pretty much the same.


  • Very talented, Zendaya obsessed guy. He’s sweet and all our interactions have been nothing but good. He’s come a long way and it’s funny to poke fun at him. He’s quite the meme extraordinaire and he’s very smart, I think his mic is bad though lol.


  • He’s been through many eras of gar and manages to stay sane throughout it. A guy anyone can talk to and he’ll be there to listen. He’s one of the few people who i think maintain a big social circle outside of gar. Cool guy, 9/10.


  • Big man Commander Fox, I met him in Vyrixxa’s Lounge and we played some games during a gamenight, he’s funny and I admire his relationship with CG and Vyrixxa. They’re basically boyfriend and girlfriend. :wink: I drew him and Vyrixxa as a little gift of my appreciation, I’m not as close with Zebuka but I know well that I’ll always call him something other than Zekuba.


  • Where do I begin? I love bullying this sour mf, he’s funny and I’m glad I met him through Zadriar and his memes are just legendary. He’s a cool guy and super chill and laid back, and his smurf morph is so funny. 2 years in officer corps and he gets a smurf morph. I’m glad to have met him while playing an amongus game night and I’ll never forget the memories me, him, zad, and frost made.


  • I love Kayd so much, his trainings are so fun and I always get excited when I seem him. He makes boring things super fun and he’s so easy to talk to. I love how funny he can be and he’s so generous and kind and always knows how to put a smile on my face without even trying, I’m so glad to have met him this year.


  • My favorite little OOT, he’s sweet and a little intimidating but that’s just because he’s always excited to make a new friend. He always checks up on me and loves to voicechat. I love seeing him in general trainings, on-topic or just in games.


  • I didn’t know him too well till I started seeing him more in trainings, he’s funny and always gets the joke and introduced me to a lot of people like Zentryks. We don’t often talk too much but when we do I enjoy it.


  • Ed! I’ve known this lad for a year or more now, he’s so mature and serious now and I’m so proud of him for being head of RI, who would’ve knew? He’s responsible and I like his memes too. When Ouwol used to be in GAR we’d always play games together and I’d see a lot of him. He’s nice, when he wants to be, and considerate.


  • He sings polish cow song for me and I’m ever so grateful for it, I LOVE Nic he’s so kind and funny and easy to talk to when I can’t sleep at night. Thats the thing about GAR someone is always awake no matter what, you can always talk to him though apparently he never sleeps. He’s a cool dude with some cool singing.


  • hehe he draw femtroopers, he’s very talented in art and I literally love everytime he posts something new, I recently saw him in an SSU and I really enjoyed it. We always talk in on-topic and the mood gets lighter whenever he enters chat.


  • Met this big man this year aswell, we’ve gotten to know eachother pretty well and I’m glad to call him my friend. (Or his father, if anyone gets the joke) I can’t seem to figure out where he’s from though based on his accent but other than that Bulwarks and I like to talk often whenever we’re bored or need something from eachother, I like to bother him and we talk about cats. He’s a chill guy very nice and sweet and 10/10 reccomend this product to other dads.


  • This monke used to get so excited to see me in chat back when he was a wee corporal, I loved seeing him grow and thrive in GAR he’s become so mature, except he’s still edgy as hell, haha. He’s a cool guy with awesome memes and he’s a really good friend and always looks out for the people he cares about, he’s a genuine guy.


  • Another one of Vyrixxa’s best buds, I have a gif of them somewhere doing the splits together then doing the wave. They’re so funny when they’re both together and Dizme himself is a really nice guy and has similar humor to me and Vyrixxa, I’d love to get to know him better.


  • This generous canandian will always be there for you, listen to your problems and always provide the best advice. He’s so smart and wise and knows how to handle any situation, I’m quite impressed with his work in CG and I love making art for him because his appreciation is so immense. He’s a talented writer and has been on the discord for some time, at first I despised him and disliked him a lot as we both had a bad first impression and he always backs me up when I say that I’m a trap. Easily one of the best people in gar I’d ever met.

Hopefully I didn’t forget anyone ( THAT I’M FRIENDS WITH )

Idk if people still call him this, but I created the nickname “Not stick” for Nostik.

Show us :slight_smile:

I created this so long ago, one of those officers im no longer friends with sadly. Haha, it JUST got accepted a month after I wrote it.

ill find it, ill get back to you when im home

Ok :ok_hand: thanks 20cyaracterz