Appealing community ban

Username: Max65532
Ban reason: Exploiting within a GAR event

I was banned for supposedly cheating in a CT event and was reported to CCR for aimlock. It somehow got approved and was added as tier 3. The only reason it was approved was that the admin wasn’t trained well and doesn’t know the difference between cheats and ping difference. The admin also approved a bunch of legit players but was removed and many of the players got appealed. Since then, I appealed my ticket and it was accepted by Valiantleader.

I don’t know why was I reported since the evidence was completely normal and looked like cheats because the player was on 200ms.

( Describe why you think we should unban you )
I should be unbanned because I was unlawfully reported to CCR and approved by an untrained admin that doesn’t know what cheats look like. I don’t cheat, I’m just better.