Appeal to be un-globally blacklisted from the Documents


Username: yes_noban
Discord: Storm_Voyage#2824


Before I got blacklisted I just had joined the 41st division and was checking out its handbook. When I tabbed out of the handbook I saw that the screen appearead as “redacted”, and I tought this was very cool and wanted to see how smart the site was. After some experimenting I ended up being blacklisted when I wanted to check out what happens when you put on screenshot mode. Expecting it to appear as “redacted” I got blacklisted globally.

As I said I was viewing the 41st handbook.

Couldn’t notify an appropriate officer. Global moderator will review your request soon.

Internal information:

Please review the blacklists and take an action if necessary.

260797-83492-1895 (ADMIN URL - CLICK ME)

Note: Removing users’ blacklists from those documents will unblacklist them globally.