Appeal for discord mute


Username: IdioticMemeEnjoyer
Discord: IdioticMemeEnjoyer#1369
Discord Id: 987936380741099530
Ban reason: Muted for putting someone’s user in #off-topic chat


I was warning people of user “GolfMako” who sends disturbing stuff and is extremely racist. I had been messaged by him (other post) and I didn’t want others to fall into the trap. It is only a 30 minute mute but it still bothers me.

Mute ended but I would still like some feedback.

I would Like to See some evidence even though i am not a moderator i am giving constructive criticisam because it makes me feel like i belong more

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If you mean evidence of what he did, it was terrible. He sent things that can get me banned in seconds if I show it. Dude sent child NSFW, hard R n-words, and death threats.