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Anyone who de-codes this, gets a prize

Ied col dsk ns ngvvd! Vs stl hgvv al xsal megn? Ay ns. melt xstzocmn pkm A as tsm plvglil ns,

Hey can you give us a hint maybe?

That would defeat the point of having a prize.

There can be ‘n’ number of answers because there are too many words to be considered as a Val ‘x’.

This is probably random keyboard spam. If not, you encoded every single character into a random character without any pattern. So I am not even trying to read it.

That’s hard, but probably it’s:

  1. Random keyboard keys pressed.
  2. Translator like Mando’a Translator.

i think this is not even a real thing to dcode

No. Not random key board spam. It means something, and it is a website.

It means something, and it is possible.

lollllll nice website

I notice there are three sentences, one with a comma. One sentence ends in a period, one with a Question mark and another with a question mark.

I’ll try to decode it the best I can.

Also what is the prize? Could we get a hint to what it is?

i only got one thing the number 5 and a couple sqaures

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Your using the wrong website! HA.

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if this is a real word dude then u must be a genius

:male_detective: Intellect is everything. :male_detective:

its free real estate :innocent:

also whats the prize?

You will find out if you win! So get out there and WIN! :smiley:

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If this gets to 50 views, I will post a hint. Keep in mind, it will be entirely separate to this post, so keep an eye out once this post hits 50 views.