Announcement fron the GoldD family

Anyone who disrespects the GoldD family is getting perm KOS by the GoldD family.

Kid named KOSIntention

Oh really now

how about you SHUT the FUCK UP gold D sucks and always will

You named your clan that so you can revive some gold D lmao

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DANG lol very aggresive

The GolD family is My_ from wish no cap

Kid stfu ur kosed for your loser opinion

Wish .com version of SER (which is already dead)

Imagine killing a divisional trooper because they disrespected a weird dead thing

Fr Mels spitting faxs like never before. They banned me from ripoff ser for telling them to get good members and create something new


Hi MeIs are you still a divisional?

Yeah, 327th Trooper leadership.

no way seriously? anyone else terrified of the scary lego games cult members? i might get perm kos in a game full of 10 year olds. how scary. these raid groups aren’t impressive, they aren’t scary. no one cares about this.

everyone here is now perm kos from this guy lol

I’d like to see you take on the 104th Aegis Squadron (anti-raiding team). Purely because I think we would come on top.

I’m not scared of declaring war on 104th

You seem like you talk the talk but can’t follow up on it.

Intention could beat GoldD no cap.