Allowed to play this game with two accounts?

I use 2 accounts for playing, one I use for raiding only and the other only for GAR, IDK if this is alt because I don’t understand what’s wrong with this, I can’t play with 2 accounts on GAR how do I know?

Please don’t ban me, I just would know if it is wrong or I can continue playing with this method so if I do soemthing wrong I can stop.

Thanks for answer back :slight_smile:

I believe this is against the law, and you should stop playing GAR on your alt ASAP.

you can use two accounts on GAR, as long as your second account stays away from the GAR group.

correct me if i’m wrong.

Based on what I know, alts are allowed, but they are not allowed to affiliate themselves with GAR. I assume this extends to playing their game.

it is said about it.

I quested in the Discord group some months ago and people said I can play with one account how immigrant and the other on GAR, so they lie to me?

So basically if you have an alt on Roblox it’s ok, anyone can have an alt but when it comes to gar you aren’t supposed to have an alt which is linked to gar or raiding basically. Because if you’re banned from the game for some reason and you play on your alt that’s ban evasion. Now if you want to dabble about alternate accounts debate, do as you may but this is what it is.


So I cant play with my other account how raiding? Right?

Correct, you aren’t supposed to raid on alts either.

Ok thanks i will anymore play on other accounts

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You can use alts for raiding. You can’t use them to avoid punishment or play on GAR, aka you can’t have 2 accounts in the GAR group/discord.

Ok thanks for you answer

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