Allow refunds. I want a officer or someone who can actually do something to see this

I got force destroy but just will never EVER use it… I am now in CG and in GAR and as that I am not raiding. I just want to kill the one raider that is flying around killing everyone. I do NOT want to kill 20 other people just by trying to kill one little raider… Also it is easy to kill the person using it on you. You used to be invincible while using it. If all of THIS is not enough this single thing I am about to say should be. They decreased the price sense I bought it.

I don’t mean give me robux, I just mean take that out of my inventory and then give me something else in game not in robux. It doesn’t hurt the game I paid the price and now in my case I would want something like elite blaster or shotgun blaster. This is a real report besides just allowing them my case is a report. If someone sees this and can help, please DM me on discord. My user is borntodrum.

  1. They can’t really remove an item from your roblox inventory, you would have to delete it yourself.
  2. So what if they decreased the price since you bought it? It’s still the same item is it not?
  3. This kind of thing would be hard to manage and keep up with due to the few people with perms of those kinds.
  4. You bought the pass, if you don’t use it then why did you buy it?
  5. It’s still quite OP despite those nerfs, if someone uses force destroy on you, unless you have alter, you will die.
  1. Then I would.
  2. No, it isn’t the same item and don’t lower the price on something that a lot of people already bought.
  3. They could use a ticket bot and then go to your inventory to make sure that you deleted it. Not the hardest thing…
  4. I watched a video on it and it looked so much better then, with you being invincible. It might be nice but 90% of the rare times I use it, I get killed before it finishes…
  5. After all of this, the only person who will die is me… I will if I don’t get killed, take like 90% of my health. Then to go out to a C4 or more raiders.

And, also I don’t want 5 GAR members to die when I use it.

Here is the solution. Use a ticket bot in discord, tell them to delete it, go to there inventory and have them make it public, and then give them the item.

It’s not possible to resell or exchange gamepasses, that’s against Roblox ToS which basically means illegal and GAR can get pulled up if they do any refunds or exchanges. Secondly yes, they have nerfed a few gamepasses and you can either talk to the devs or report it to roblox but that’s a different topic. And no refunds won’t happen on roblox.