Allow packages in coruscant

The reason im suggesting this so that you can feel like yourself more.

and create a smaller character thats harder to hit? no thanks

No, packages can be unfair when it comes to combat. Having everyone be the same size makes combat slightly fairer.

would be a ton of work to make the armors work with them and as respectfully as i can say this, packages suck.

P2W gamepasses make the game unfair. It’s not like coruscant is a hardcore combat game. It’s RP more than anything else. I think packages in coruscant would be fine. Obv not in futuretops.

Ok so. Packages make you way harder to hit which is unfair, also Rainy plans to try to make the game less P2W.

Perhaps, but I’d argue a gun that shoots at 10x firerate, or a 1 shot melee weapon is significantly more P2W than packages, especially considering there are “small” packages that exist for free if you want them, and headless is allowed everywhere.

Packages is unfair. We don’t need them.

Also I literally said that Rainy is attempting to make the game less P2W.

Again, packages are free, and headless is allowed everywhere. Packages are mildly P2W, but they are by far the smallest factor.

Side note: HEADLESS (makes your entire head disappear) is deemed ok in scrims. I’m sure packages in an RP game isn’t gonna be that bad, because again, you don’t launch up coruscant for a “balanced combat experience.”

Side note 2: Coruscant is already unbalanced for raiders, considering we get shields, and guns for free. We also have our morphs that force us to be blocky. Seems balanced to me. :confused:

Why do you even need packages? What purpose do you need them for besides making your avatar smaller than everyone else’s making you harder to hit? It’s unfair, the P2W gamepasses are GOING TO BE BALANCED.

I’m sure they will be more balanced, but as of yet, they arent. Also, I dont think you know what you’re talking about here. Packages DONT make you harder to hit, only harder to see. People equip packages to look how they want, and if you equip them for the SLIGHT advantage, congrats? You can be mildly better against new players in an RP game.

Again, we get shields, guns, and medguns as part of being in a division, forget the gamepasses.

Lastly, a point I have to keep mentioning… HEADLESS is allowed in genuine combat focused events. I dont see why you wouldnt allow players to look how they want in an RP game.

Edit: harder to see in games with cover, where a limb might stick out. Coruscant doesn’t have this. Most of the map is open. Packages really wont accomplish anything advantage-wise.

gods, coruscant runs on r15, if you make your avatar as small as you can on r15, your hitbox becomes smaller, if you use headless in combat games that arent affiliated with gar in any way and use r6, your head will just be invisible, your hitbox will stay. also getting gar morphs to work with packages would be half impossible. this request is extremely unneccesary and the argument “its an rp game you can express yourself” doesnt go nearly to every rp game there is. theres gotta be limits, and having packages in a game which has combat as a part of it is definetly not a good idea

Please read the thread before complaining. First, no one mentioned packages with morphs. This would be immigrant only. Also, no idea where your other claim fits in. I didn’t say it applied to all RP games, merely this one. Lastly, these combat games ARE GAR affiliated.

futuretops is in no way affiliated with gar and most probably never will, afk studios and rainfall games are not affiliated with eachother, it is only stated in the futuretops description that the game can be used star wars games as a training place or a combat place, depending on the needs of the group

Smaller hotboxes, plus wouldn’t fit the gamestyle.

why yall complaining about packages lmao they dont matter cuz your hitbox stays the same

Wow you got angry at the end of that message

It really don’t you need to create Ui for that, which is useless if you make everyone the basic model.