Allow certain unit to be invisible


( Allow certain VIP protection troops to become transparent for a few seconds (Ghost, Hound, RG…) )


( Oh ! I not a model, sorry. )

  1. no
  2. i dont think hound is a guarding company
  3. why

Not needed. Zero detail. Hound isn’t fucking guarding RIOT is.

Sorry it is riot not HOUND. No No insult okay? It is an error…

Why not suggest perks for division instead that can boost? For example, red guard can have protection perks, which enabled vip they are guarding to have temporary increased health. Or giving 7th sky corps the higher altitude perks, i wont defined as it is up to dev on how they want to intepret on high altitude advantage 7th sky dudes can get.

Waw it is a good idea. Thank you for your reply ^^

That’s actually really interesting. I like that idea of CONDITIONAL perks. Maybe 7th does more damage mid air when jetpacking.

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I believe RI can already do this.

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Ah yes, the daily GAR buff post to cringe at. I see.

This is for division.

As of now perks for each division are being considered for rework. As of being invisible, I believe would be very unfair against raiders.

Of course, if you mean to have its avatar could be seen still, then it may be considered. But, for now the rework is focused.

Hmmm, arent you the guy also in shadow guard units?

Yes, but I am also a beta tester.

Hmm, did you and the other guy in foxtrot company applied for the role in the past in 2021?