Allow ARC members to join RG

Right now, RG is the only division that does not allow ARC in it. This makes no sense when ARC can literally join CG and RI. There is virtually no argument that could be made to counter this. You don’t have to give ARC special treatment, just give them the right to join like other members. If they don’t fulfill the quota, great, kick them. But there’s just no reason to bar ARC members from joining RG.

So far the counter-arguments on Discord have been:

  1. RG is not a combat division; well, CG isn’t either and ARC CG still pass all their evaluations!
  2. ARC won’t patrol coruscant/do quota; ARC are allowed to join RC, yet they still do RC’s mandatory in-game time as well as their event quota. If ARC can’t fulfill RG quota then just kick them like a regular member…
  3. Lore; this is a lego game, and using this logic, ARC wouldn’t be able to join RC because they are both different branches of the Special Operations Brigade.

They can’t join any other sub-divisions because, well most RGs say it shows loyalty.

I don’t understand what you mean by loyalty? Some of the people in RG and ARC have multiple groups that they are active in and manage just fine.

If ARC were able to join RG and they underperform, just kick them like you would a regular member.

When I say loyalty, I mean you’re required to stay loyal to RG only, you may not join a sub division. If you’re in RG you’re pretty much the best at well everything.

That’s what this suggestion channel is for, suggesting changes to current rules.
No one has put out an actual argument for why RG is the only division that does not allow ARCs in.

We can’t join ARC since we are not clones and we have to stay with OOS.

Your first point is lore-related, which GAR breaks repeatedly for good reasons.

Your second point could be accommodated by ARC since most events in it are just scrims that have nothing to do with Coruscant. Just like how when you’re an ARC CG, you play by CG’s rules while on Coruscant.

Unless you’re telling me RG’s OOS applies to its members while participating in their other groups/clans, there shouldn’t really be any difference since majority of ARC events are against other groups outside GAR.

Red Guards are not clones lol, so they cant be in ARC.

Again, that is a lore-related argument that shouldn’t have any bearing on a group that repeatedly breaks lore.

Maybe they should be allowed to join Red Guard but they don’t get their own special rank/morph to be fair.

Yes, exactly, that’s how it works in RC. ARC don’t get special treatment and do the same quota and responsibilities as everyone else.

This isn’t about getting an ARC rank or morph in RG, it’s about ARC being allowed to join RG as a regular member.

Ah and one more thing, we are guards not commandos, we already have a Company focusing on combat so we don’t need ARC.

Again, this is not about adding an ARC rank or morph, it’s about letting members that are in ARC join as regular members. No special treatment or position, just the ability to join both like every other division in GAR.

If you need a reference point, just look no further than RC, a division that allows ARC members to join and treats them like any other RC member with the same quotas and in-game time.

RGs are also not allowed to leave our RG morphs and RG is a guarding division.

Okay, does anyone actually read the previous comments? This has been addressed. CG is a guarding division with arguably more polarizing duties than RG in regards to ARC and they still pass their evaluations.

What is it with this stigma that, because ARC is a combat division, its members are incapable of anything else? If an ARC can’t live up to the standard set forth by the division, you fail them in a tryout or kick them like you would any other division. This is not a reason to not let ARC inside RG.

Also, regarding the first point, that is just a logical fallacy of a circular argument. You are stating a rule that exists within the current context that this thread seeks to change.

Anyways it depends on Spec_iality that we can join ARC or not so on forums you will do nothing about this.

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Well, this is what the “suggestions” category is for… Making suggestions by pointing out a problem and defending against counter-arguments. And so far those counter-arguments have been:

  1. “ARC is irresponsible/inactive/incapable.”
  2. “I don’t want ARC to join because LORE! While simultaneously ignoring other lore breaches in GAR.”
  3. “ARC is only good at combat and can’t guard!”

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Every divisions have their own suggestions channel and nobody suggested to allow us to join ARC.