Airborne needs something unique

So airborne, specifically 7th, has nothing unique about the div. Perhaps a decent unique feature would be a unique mid air spawn as a choice. You could spawn above the map and be a paratrooper as you glide down to wherever you need on the map. It could offer faster redeploys, larger variance in spawning, and the ability to get to high ground without a jetpack (given you reset). It wouldn’t be broken, and it would be a nice unique feature for the 7th, considering they were known for their paratroopers.

I actually like this idea, it adds to the actual ‘paratrooper’ aspect of it all

but other divisions don’t have anything unique either. what does 187th get for example? what does 104th get?

They should get something unique too for sure. I don’t know much about those divisions, so I cant suggest ideas for those. My post was just about the fact that we’re an “airborne” division known for paratroopers. I believe 104th was involved in helping re-establish conflict areas. Maybe they could get deployable med stations as a unique feature. Considering 187th pretty much only exists in lego, they could really come up with anything for them.

Ah ok. Yeah. Maybe when the new map comes out every division will have something. This is a good idea though.


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