Age rating raise

To make the game a more mature environment, I think the age rating should be raised.

Roblox is supposed to be a 13+ game you’re not supposed to raise the age rating of a game, and well raising the age rating doesn’t mean you’re going to get mature players, and you’re blocking your game from a huge audience, so it’s not well thought out at all.


also low ranking GAR and immigrants can do nothing, and also not concidering the gamepassess people spent

I’m not sure if this can be controlled by the devs, if it can be, why? The game has 0 blood and maybe some violence, but it’s pretty unrealistic. What do you want them to do? Add realistic gore so that the game can be 13+?

I’m pretty sure it can be controlled now- but I don’t see it being added to GAR

Fair enough but, I just think there should be a way to control the maturity of the player base to make the game feel more lives in and engrossing

It can with the most recent update

dont raise it or else the underage kids wont be able to join meaning our game wont have as many people as needed legit we want more activity regardless of age, if its divisions then sure there needs to be an age requirement because they are the difference between the base of gar

Why? Anyone 13+ can just change they’re age anyways.

Roblox is a children’s game mate

Besides the face there is not point to it so just, no… You can’t really force them to be 13+ or whatever you want for some reason. It only works if the parents put on a setting in there account and besides, the game only have at most 200 people at a time most. Imagine 13+ age ratings, it might kill it with more of 50 or 10 players a time… It wouldn’t be good.