Admiral Trench for new raider/CIS group

So, there will be a new CIS/Raider group for GAR, and that got me thinking, perhaps Admiral Trench could possibly be one of the overseers/leaders for it, Trench was known for his outstanding tactical strategies, and is highly feared upon by the republic.
An image for reference

Loving the idea already keep going, hope they add the advanced tactical droid commanders.

That morph would be clunky af.

But, good-ish idea.

Hey, you’re clunky af, I have a Trench fettish.

LMAO, I’m not clunky :sob:

No, you’re not it was a typo, you’re chunky :wink:

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yeah, but they made that blue guy who stands next to Palpatine
this dude:

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he is clunky too lmao

I believe that the vice chancellor has that morph.

This dude has a name, Mas Ameeda.

lol, I never said he didn’t, I said pretty much no one knows

He is skinny and tall, while trentch is a huge 8 legged humanoid spider.

Admiral trench is cool and just epic

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You’re an 8 legged humanoid spider, MeIs!


I live inside your walls.

~Admiral Trench


1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6! 3 if you aren’t counting the arms he lost (now robotic) He is General Grievous but spider

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ooo scary, i like the idea a morph would be cool

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No wonder Trump was so scared.

he has 2 legs 6 arms but still 2 legs

Bro that’s actually so weird ong.