Adding a Officer Rank For divisions


Adding a Officer rank to each division to have staff at for Company Lieutenant to have and giving us then a morph custom to the rank so that its more easy to determine who is staff or not and would enable some extra perms being added for the rank possibly for Company Lieutenant to rank people into company after doing tryouts for them so don’t need to wait sometimes 18 hours for people to get ranked in company currently.


( Any helpful resources - videos / images )

This already exists dude. 501st and 104th have it i believe.

No I am CL in 501st there is no Officer rank on group page and 104th officer rank is shared with CC.

no, we dont need a morph, this would need so many unneeded group ranks, just no.
Also giving group perms to anyone below HICOM is an awful idea. Things like CS and CL are a lot easier to get than HICOM.

Stop voting for yourself.

Psst! This already exists for many divisions, so the work is put in already. It also means the devs disagreed with you.

  1. what divisions
  2. the work ISNT put in already, there isnt leadership morphs for each company for each rank for each div
  1. 7th, and the first comment mentioned the others.
  2. It is. We have Cody as first in command, Waxer as second, and Boil as third. On TOP of that, CC’s have their own morphs as well. All this suggestion is saying is extend the ALREADY existing morph to CLs. On top of that, even if that wasn’t the case, modifying the morph (considering they are modular) and removing the shoulder pad, adding a rangefinder, etc would be incredibly simple. So would adding the necessary roles to help the game realize the player is a CL. The tech for this exists, and would just have to be copy-pasted and “fill in the blanks.”

Yeah CCs do get their own morphs in all divs. HOWEVER. Creating more morphs for each member of leadership for each company would need a lot of group ranks and a LOT of morphs.

I don’t know what 104th does, but they haven’t added special group ranks and morphs for each member of leadership.

501st does have special named trooper morphs, however those are given based on activity.

I dont think anyone mentioned a unique morph for every staff? The idea seems to be: create a CL morph as well. I don’t know why CLs wouldn’t follow the pattern and have the same morph among ALL CLs. Unique wasn’t ever mentioned.

why do CLs even need morphs, they dont need perms like the rest of HICOM do(they should not have group perms), its not that important.

This was planned by WreckerJnr before his departure along with those custom named ranks for the most active per week, it is most likely is no longer happening due to the loss of progress through Viking.

Also, shouldn’t your OWN men know who you are and what rank you are? When I was CWO for Bacta they recognized me as authority, being recognized as leadership should NOT be a problem.

And now you have stumbled back to the original point… The suggestion is CLs SHOULD get more perms, and along with that, morphs.

They don’t need to be trusted with perms, those kinds of perms are given to HICOM for a reason, they are easily abused.