Add more health for republic commandos


Add 25 -50 more health for republic commandos. Every morph in this division should get health boost.


Clone commandos are wearing Katarn - Class commando armor which was far superior to the one that “regs” wore. Not only was it more solid but it also had deflector shields that increased defense even more. I believe it should be added into the game to make clone commandos more challenging for raiders. I know that they already trained well in combat and are combat gods but they should get more benefit than keycard and custom weapon (which works like normal blaster rifle btw).

Can’t agree with this. I don’t think health boosts are ever the answer. Especially when you consider the fact that Commandos are supposed to have better survivability, I mean, they’re literally “Commandos”. There should be an expectation that they should be better and not need any extra buffs. They’re required to have an exceptional skill level, so it’s only common sense that they be able to cope when in a fight

Yeah. I have to agree with this because RG had the super blaster, but then it became public so… Stil either way they should get a better blaster as well and the armor.

Well, they get Dc-17m which should be reworked and have faster fire rate than normal blaster. I think that something similar to the elite blaster would be ok.


God level combat + more health? Seems a little unfair to raiders tbh. Not that I support them, I would just like the game to be balanced for both GAR and raiders.

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Riot company has riot shields, RG has super blasters and yet RC doesn’t even have better weapon, just reskin for normal blaster rifle. That’s why I think they should get health bonus or maybe just better gun.


If you go according to their armour in star wars adding health is reasonable because naturally if you are great at combat you’re unique and you’re given armour, but not like cg shield.

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I was thinking in terms of companies, combat and medic companies get extra health while recon and guarding companies get extra speed.