Add medals discord roles in GAR discord

Now… I know you are going to say this is not needed and that it won’t change much, Max. But i am sure it would be a cool concept to the discord as it definetly needs bit more roles and it would give more meaning to medals (also would be cool to flex them to cadets on #public)
Sure, it may be too much work but i’m sure a bot can be designed to hand out medal roles after they are given by hicom.

how did you know exactly what i was going to say, yeah this is uneeded and it won’t change much
if you want to flex your medals do it in game
the discord dosen’t need 24 new roles just to flex

There are as of now 73 roles. Making more of them may cause the role order to be a mess, because sometimes Discord roles may break if the role list is changed. And it’s not really necessary to do that. It is a bit enough although to have it in-game and in a near future: you may see physical medals.

As of now, this isn’t something to be looked at.

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HermanosLuDi, Beta Tester.

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They could just add power medals. that would just mean 5 roles added and it would change the boring roles.

They could add only power medals with lowest priority, it would be super hard to mess up the role system that way, and it would finaly add some new roles that are needed in my opinion