Add mandalorian jepacks because many mandalorians use them of course make it a bit more expensive if you were to add jetpacks

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there are not any resources or a description of what you suggested i recommend you add these as the devs will have a herd time making it with litle to no info to go off of.
-tyhhipthebest corporal GAR

Well basically in the show and many pieces of lore mandalorians commonly use jetpacks and it strikes me as weird that jetpacks are a symbol of mandalorians but the gamepass does not have any

See what I just said that’s what I mean to go off of

images will help the dev too
-tyhhipthebest corporal Gar

If an6body has ever seen boba jango or any mandalorians they know what I’m talking about

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im just trying to help get your sugestion aproved man so try and add a pic.

Ok I’ll go find a pick or two of boba or mando

allright i will add a vote so that devkurka may see this

Ok I git my picture.

i dont see it try sending it again

ok that will do and make sure to keep up to date on this to see if a dev posts.

Jetpacks aren’t a symbol for the mandalorians, their Beskar armour give it clear that the one who is wearing it is a mando, and all the mandos used “sniper” rifles. Not all of them used jetpacks as you see in The Mandalorian.
I think we should keep it the way it is.

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Nice Idea but maybe they make the jetpak with less fuel than the other one.

no all death Watch had jetpacks, Bo-Katan, PreVizsla, all of them. But then the jetpack itself cost 1999 robux so the mando pack with jetpack should cost like 3345 robux

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All Death Watch mandos had jetpacks, but what about the other clans? They don’t necessarily used jetpacks. And the mando in Coruscant isn’t the Mando we see in The Mandalorian, just a random mando (according to the SW timeline) so that mando isn’t necessarily a part of the Death Watch

I mean all they really have to do is jack up the price of the Mandalorian Gamepass and add the already made Jetpack gamepass onto him. Won’t be much.

YES, THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN. (This body needs more text so ignore this. )

but they shouldn’t jack the price up too much so it is still affordable and if they include both and add up both prices you better off getting a normal jet pack so have it a little cheaper at the cost of less fuel
-tyhhipthebest corporal GAR

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Not all Mandalorians took the training needed to use a jetpack, and buying the jetpack gamepass is better as it allows you to use it on any team.