Add jobs for immigrants to use and for other people to get credits


Shops would be a good addition to the game, if you pass the border as an immigrant there s not much to do, but if jobs are a thing then people would have some fun. for example if you are a shop owner or shop employee then you can start owning money. Jobs for immigrants could be : Bank worker, Rubbish man, Hotel worker, black market seller If caught you’d get arrested, Bar worker, Item shopkeeper ( Items could be Jet-packs, Upgraded passports , maybe upgraded guns that do more damage than usual ) etc. And the more you work, the more credits you get, and you can buy upgraded passports to enter more jobs that require a certain amount of passport level to be working there.

But what about jobs for the clone troopers, there main job is to be at the border and patrol the city, but there can be jobs like booth guard, so once you enter the booth you earn money there and it shows a timer, you must wait 60 seconds to get like 100 credits and if you leave and come back to grind you wont be able to do that job for like a solid 5 minutes ( you can still enter the booth but you wont be part of the job) . So every minute = 100 credits . Another job could be bank guard ( Same applies ), Bouncer for the bars etc ( same applies to all. )