Add in-game aiming crosshairs


Sometimes when you play gar the aiming radicals which is basically a dot which disappears and makes it hard to aim, they’ll be people who’re used to it but there’s no sense in having an expensive gun just to have a dot sight.

Every gun had a diffrent projectile and recoil and based on that a crosshair is added.

For reference crosshairs I’ve attached a link to team fortress crosshairs which differ on recoil and accuracy.


And a button to shoot for moblie because tap to shoot is way to hard


I suggested that on the old forum it would be really helpful if they did add it.

I feel like we don’t need custom crosshairs for each gun, recoil isn’t very special, and these kinds of crosshairs are more meant for FPS I feel.

I mean the don’t is stupid, frankly.

the dot is probably the best cursor on roblox, being the reason why its used so much in clan tech. those cursors are for tf2 which has a waaaaay different combat system than roblox and i say this from experience. i can say there are bugs affiliated with the current crosshair but just fix them and theres nothing to do. i dont want my target to be blocked by some huge ugly crosshair (that is probably the main reason the dot is so popular)

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Whenever i take out a gun the crosshair moves like 2 inches away from where its supposed to be in the middle of the screen. And ive seen others try to report it

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According to Rainy, that’s an anti-aimbot mechanism.

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Its ugly and is so annoying to aim with

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I’m used to shooter games which have different crosshairs for guns which definately makes a difference, by saying “a dot it good enough,” just sounds like it’s lacking but we don’t care, I mean yea it’s insignificant to some but have a toggle on/off crosshairs.

Having a shoot button would put mobile users who actually want to fight in the game can’t shoot anywhere their crosshair isn’t. It would just be too compicated.

I’m talking about a crosshair not a shooting button.

Basically in shooting games your view is fixed, and you can get used to bullet spread and you don’t really need a crosshair but in gar you zoom in and out and it’s not easy to get used to.

Use shiftlock. It’s as good as a crosshair.

shiftlock sucks have you ever done combat :skull:

I’m used to playing cod, and not used to Roblox combat so yes and no.