Add heal power point during combat events.


For the combat events, CT and including DT. I’m quit active on these events and I see many people who are here only for damage to get their power and just ignore people who are close to dying because healing will not help them. I know it’s a teamwork and they should get maturity by their own to do that. But I think it could be really useful to add another power point to reach for example on a round an heal req like 1.5k or 2k depending of the OS, gun and map. So it will force more people to heal and increase the team work and fun. As you can see on a round of around 5-7 minutes some people managed to get like around 200-300 heals and some don’t even heal even if, I assume they are healed by other people. As a conclusion, by doing that we will die less (it should) and it will help people with a bad aim to get a combat point instead of just one for attending the event.