Add divisional officer ranks in ROBLOX groups


As Viking announced we’re getting division rework as a part of the public roadmap he posted in the GAR discord server. My idea as a part of this division rework is to add divisional officer ranks in ROBLOX groups. I will suggest 2 different options for that, how ranks should be added.

  1. Add “Company Officer” as a rank for each company officer. How would this be named?

e.g. Wraith Company Officer, Ghost Company Officer, Shock Trooper Officer

This approach allows company officers to keep their company items but have different morph at the same time. This applies at the moment to Coruscant Guard where Riot Company has shields, if we added a general rank for Company Sergeants, then other CS’s would either have shields, or none of them would.

  1. Add ranks that division uses, not connected to the company.

e.g. Company Sergeant, Company Lieutenant

This allows to be more specific about people’s ranks, example when we have CL from company, if he’s ranked Company Officer then you don’t know if he’s CS or CL. If there was CS and CL rank though you would know which rank he has.

But with this comes the problem of items for each company officers. Which is why I prefer option 1. Anyway, if you agree or don’t agree with the idea comment below and share your thoughts about this, I hope this becomes a thing one day, currently unless you’re CC you have the same morph as any other company member, rank is only known to people in the discord.



this would require several new ranks in like EVERY div (which does cost robux) and would require new morphs

the other thing is its uneeded, the reason HICOM get morphs is because they need a seperate group rank for various group permissions

anyways your company should just generally know their leadership, the only reason to have a morph is to ensure that everyone else knows that you are a higher rank than them, which isn’t a good reason

I believe that robux ammount isn’t the problem when we have that huge group with lots of funds. It’s not made for perms like CC+ ranks, just for the morphs so that your rank is visible in the game. It’s not for company to know who’s leadership, it’s for you to have something in game after time spent to get promotion, why would that be bad?

the thing you get for getting promoted is getting promoted, you dont need a morph

also HICOM do NEED a group rank for group perms, however company leadership don’t need these perms or can’t be trusted with those perms

also the robux amount can get higher as you would need a lot of new morphs for these, which also has a cost

Also all CGs (even guardsman) Have shockpikes and riot shields. (If it didnt change already. Im not fully up to date) Their div rules just dont allow them to equip it.

Guardsmen don’t have shock pikes or riot shields automatically

Just because rank is not necessery to add and could be skipped doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be added. CS/CL wouldn’t even get group permissions with the rank, it’s only purpose is to have morph for divisional officers. If they’re already reworking divisions then it shouldn’t be that big problem to add 3-4 morphs per division. They could have similar morph like divisional CC’s. Eg. kama, rangefinder, and blaster holster on 1 side, colored differently for each company and division. Easy to do morph that could be simply copied and re-coloured.