Add covert operations ( for short, covert ops)


Add covert ops.
The reqs will be:
Specialist+| 13+| 400 account days.

The companies and battalions will be:
Trooper: the guys who just join the division and, have purple markings and some camo.
ARC: This explains itself.

Assassin battalion: focuses on exterminating any and all high players bounties.
Jump company: takes out raiders from the sky.

Officer+ ranks: Pretty much just their current officer rank.

Overseer, vice chancellor, supreme chancellor, we know who these belong to.

Equipment (jump company): jet pack, blaster shotgun, gold blaster, clearance 3.

Equipment (assassin battalion): pullout wrist knife (press k, or on mobile tap a button), super blaster, clearance 3, C-4.

Equipment (trooper): DC-15s blaster carbine, clearance 3, gold blaster.



Yeah, so, RI exists.

But, this isn’t the RI.

Do some research, this division is meant to assassinate fellow clones, deserters, etc. This feels like a knockoff RI with some really weird morphs and odd company names.

It doesn’t fit in.

Well it’s a division, quote “The Covert Ops clone troopers were elite clone troopers serving with the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. These troopers were mainly assigned to perform “dirty work” that most clones would find questionable and unethical, mainly and eliminating clone troopers who’ve deserted the army”. Clone Assassin “Clone assassins were a specialized class of clone troopers created by the Kaminoan cloners on the planet of Kamino. These troopers were commissioned by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, through a special order during the Clone Wars. The assassins were trained specifically to eliminate the Jedi by utilizing Teräs Käsi, a form of unarmed combat. Through training duels with Padawans of the Jedi Order, the clones developed greatly enhanced speed as well as an aptitude for anticipating strikes and the ability to resist Jedi mind tricks.”

Covert ops

Clone assasin

Assassin does not hunt a raider, but only hunt a Jedi.

Well, we could tweak it. There was a ghost company for 212th, but they were different from the morphs you have. The morphs you have are the same armor as the 212th recon division.

Cool idea, but has a bunch of overlap with RI. Everything covert ops does is what RI does right now.