Add a new division called "clone SCUBA troopers" maybe


I know a new map is gonna be added soon, but I figured maybe after the new map update the developers can add scuba trooper division along with rivers that is connected to most part of the map, raiders can also use the river to travel to the bank, etc, but the scuba troopers will have a speed boost in water allowing them to catch up to raiders. I suggest that the main duty of the scuba troopers is to patrol the river or any area filled with water.


But so much effort for what? I don’t even think there is going to be rivers on the new map, besides I’m pretty sure these troopers were meant for combat on ocean worlds, which coruscant is not.

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No, these are just units that specialize in scuba diving, work exclusively under water connected to the ocean. Еxamples of a planet that has an ocean, such as Mon Cala and Naboo.

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All we have is a river. And it’s not even that deep! We do not need this. It would be useless.

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We only have a river. That would be useless.

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Literally no natural water or reason to have scuba troopers on Coruscant of all places.

We have 2 divisions in the works so this is really not needed.