Activity center ( for the new map )

When an immigrant has passed the border he will visit the city, take a room, rob the bank, chill and probably leave , it also count for GAR and (divisionals ((maybe not it might be too op))). so I got an idea for that. Make a place where you can you can train for the GTs, CTs and tryouts! This place would have first an obby with multiple difficulties like easy, medium, hard… If you complete it you could get credits, badges, power… ofc with a limit it would be too op (maybe only the hard one get power) Also a room where you could train your aim with some targets (free credits again). Third, a formation room where an npc shows you how to join divisions, how to get guns, how to be good, how to do your job correctly, to make sure GAR are doing their job correctly. A fighting room (1v1) so it don’t have to go wild and die after due to troopers. Faces trainer ( with an NPC / real player ).

I love this idea, although I don’t think any of the obbies should give power. The harder the obby, the heftier the credit prize maybe (I’d say the hardest obby awards 1-2k credits).

This defied the purpose of event training hosted on discord. You can join the training map without any officer hosting general training, and you can do the obby diffuculty alone.

It could be great to have an extension of the map with a training center right in GAR for Immigrants AND gar to train without leaving the main game ( also if you stay long in the training center is equal as staying in the border, 30 min = 1 power is playing time so you would still get power AND train yourself to get better for trainings, the main point of it is to not switch and win time and power). Also it would have new things as training of faces, marching, firing commands, shooting targets and jacks. Also this for the GTs it would be better for the attendees, they would know more and get good at it. (You can make the GTs harder if you need for it).

All training with given power are to be only granted by officer. They host “training” events to give you that, so this already pointless for it. A training event is a "training. So why not you train on the training ground and do the obby yourself before the training events is hosted. Power should only be given when events is hosted.

Some of these ideas, such as the shooting range which gives credits, are things which I can actually envision being implemented. Although I’m not sure about the 1v1 room or the obbies, and being given power for completing it is entirely out of the question.

I think if you elaborated and fleshed-out your shooting range idea, you may have a good idea on your hands.

For the shooting range, it would have different rows, for example the first one would be the easiest one (the closest one) give like 10 credits or 50 (idk). The second row harder a little further gives more credits.
and so on… Also for some rows depending on the distance should be moving (right to left or left to right).
Also the targets could be randomly moving to avoid the shots and make it harder which could add more difficulty and also give more credits for that. The amount of credits depend on the difficulty.
Something even harder should be a moving target that disappears after a few seconds.
The 1v1 room is a place where you can 1v1 anyone without getting killed after or getting a bounty or your head and no tk warning (you don’t win credits because ppl would farm it with friends). The obby room can have 3 difficulties easy, medium and hard, maybe not give any powers to these obbies (they give credits with cooldown). Something possible is a super hard obby that you get power for it (with a Cooldown ofc).