About the tryouts

I think tryouts should be easier for mobile.

I think tryouts should not be meant for mobile.

you can’t really do that FT is not owned by gar

I think all devises should be treated equally.


Yea, no GAR isnt going to be making its own tryout games anytime soon.

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PLEASE, this HAS to be a troll post. These exact words have been repeated OVER and OVER and OVER again and it’s JUST. NOT. GOING. TO. HAPPEN!!!

This exact suggestion has been denied so, so many times. It is literally impossible for them to optimize tryouts for mobile considering you can’t even join private server links on mobile and you can’t even fight in combat (unless you have a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse). They simply cannot do it. You might wanna look through old suggestions to see if your idea has already been suggested and whether or not it has already been denied (this goes for not only this guy but everyone else in general)

I’ll pass ARC tryout on mobile, ez