About documents

We are not allowed to talk about GAR documents like CuffGuide? (In Coruscant and in general)

It’s a document which is released to the public, if you check the information. So no, you can talk about it but you can’t talk about stuff what goes on in the division like quotas and stuff.

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The Cuff Guide is a public document which is accessible to everybody.

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what documents are closed for discussion?

Documents which are for divisions only like what are their jobs and stuff, all you need to know is that the cuff guide isn’t private and if you see anyone leaking other docs don’t read it, just report it to a mod.

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So I can safely discuss everything that is in Trello and Cuffguide?

If it’s public, yes.

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Once again, can I freely discuss the rules and everything that is written, on Coruscant and in general?

Yes, you can use open source information and send it to anyone.

Any public documents are fine, you cant leak divisional documents.