A suggestion for off duty mode

30 minute break if off duty mode ever gets added make it so if you are off duty for to long (30 minutes) you loose power every 5 minutes you loose 3 power the more time spend after the 30 minutes you lose power and if you have the staff sergeant+ rank you have an infinite off duty timer if you are on duty for 40 minutes your 30 minute timer will instantly go from 0 to 30

Rejoining to reset this timer new server or not will not work

This will ensure that you don’t stay off duty for to long

If the thirty minute timer is up you will receive a message that lasts 60 seconds saying you have 5 minutes to go on duty or you will lose power

i dont think we should remove power for being in off-duty

If you don’t people will just stay off duty forever

and is there something wrong with that

Yes there is if everyone is off duty who is going to defend the border who is going to make sure nobody skips line who is going to make sure troopers are posting (without divs) who is going to run booths if the bots ever break? Who is going to stop people from jumping gates who is going to stop people from entering restricted areas? Nobody

the people that aren’t off-duty
why would everyone be off-duty

Why wouldn’t they? So many people are just going to stay off duty forever to avoid posting

Then what’s the point of adding it in the first place

To take a break that’s the poin but why would you need to take a break forever?

I’m saying what’s the point of off duty then this suggestion it just bad not to be rude

Because off duty wouldn’t earn any power.