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A reformed community

Dear community,
I write this post with the view to create a better community for all of us, for community is you and I together. I would like to address some issues, which I believe are common to many players, in the hopes of bringing to light solutions to resolve them.

This issue goes both ways, for the lower ranks and the higher ups as well. The lower ranks, usually Cadets, Troopers, are disrespected, by none other than you and I. We often do not show them the way to play the game, and forget that we were once Cadets too. Not just us plain GAR personnel, but more often than not even divisions do not display any respect towards the lower ranks. I have witnessed first hand abuse of power by people who have a considerably high rank.
To make Coruscant a more enjoyable experience for all, we must respect. Lets remember that we were once Cadets too, and that respect is a two way street. This is why sometimes lower ranks refuse to co-operate, because of the lack of love towards them.
These Cadets will one day become the Sergeants that free roam, and do we really want toxic abusive people in positions of authority?

All higher ranks must be respectful of the lower ranks. This is how we create a friendly community.

2)Boring Corsucant Life:
What’s an immigrant to do once they enter the city? Just wait for adequate cash to accumulate and just walk? - because that takes quite some time.
There are no real jobs to do.
There must be a system in the bank whereby withdrawals and deposits are actually allowed(it is programmed as a feature), and there is a special Banker rank and uniform(maybe a formal suit) which should be given. These Bankers could receive daily income, or income on the basis of the hour for their work.

There could also be a Court of Justice, where a high rank(maybe a Jedi like Yoda, or a special Justice gamepass/ or a try out for the same instead of a game pass which would test one’s knowledge of the rules, and ability to hear two opposite views and make a decision) presides and hears matters. There can be Troopers deployed at this court for safety in case things get nasty. This new addition to the game guarantees: A) a voice for immigrants, and even GAR to file their complaints amd be heard. - there can be an innovative programmed feature which would enable one to do so. B) more fun for raiders
C) more fun for GAR, as the border can get very boring.

There can be more opportunities to work as well. There could be an Immigrant-operated hotel. It would be so cool! In order to find a criminal and raid their room/premises, we coud obtain a Warrant from the Court and present it to the hotelier.
Imagine doing all of this by the rules instead of just barging in and random killing!
I find this super exciting!

  1. Cost Factor: Not everybody can, or wishes to spend their money on a video game. The game passes are extremely expensive. How will a game achieve popularity, if one cannot enjoy a considerable extent of it without paying?
    If gamepass prices reduce - more players will come - more people will purchase game passes - the developer will still recieve their income, possibly more than what they do now.

Immigrants should be given a weapon, a basic one rather. To protect themselves from random killers and to arm them in fights.
They can be arrested for a short time, or terminated in case of misuse of a weapon. If the crime is massive, GAR can file a case and fight in court!

I truly hope my intention has been achieved through this post. Please do share you views. Lets create a better, more immersive, fun and friendly GAR for all of us.

Thank you,

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Right… This will take some talking.

So, what do you mean by abuse of power? In your case, do you consider ‘abuse of power’ as a CG jailing you for an accident or etc. I need more detail about this?

Thank you for your response.

Indeed, it will. We are talking about reforming the community, the game. That will NOT happen unless you and I actually care about it and are willing to discuss it openly to show our massive support for a reformed GAR.

No, no, no, no. I don’t need to explain the chaos this would cause.

Abuse of power can mean many things

  • a CG jailing for no valid reason
  • Random killing and Team Killing by GAR/Divisionals
  • Using your clearance card as a GAR to help immigrants/raiders
  • a person with rank above Cadet abusing the Cadet, acting extremely rude and superior just because of a weapon and a different morph


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The idea is to protect them from being random killed

Would you then suggest a weapon that can be bought with minimum cash at the arms dealer?
They would be encouraged to find employment at the Bank/Court/wherever.
Bank would be more interesting.
It would be more active.
Immigrants would have a basic self defence system.

I trust CG enough not to abuse. They are one of the most strict divisions because of cuffs.

I remember when they did this event where everyone got a blaster for free in september 2021

Really? I need to take notes lol.

Your views are brilliant. I’m sure that most of the people in GAR would agree with you here. But there was no point of writing this. GAR HiCOM are too ignorant to listen to low ranks. If you want a decent and fun group where EVERYONE, including non group members can have fun, I suggest joining Vikinglaws HRE.

This “abuse of power” isnt really shown within ranks. If you want to be treated as a sentient being, then act like one. The only GAR that can fall under this “abuse” is the ones who don’t type, kill an entire line of immigrants, SK, tbag/toxicity, insubordination, ect.

Those who know the rules and do as they’re told, are never “abused” and are treated with the respect they give out.

If they don’t know the rules, they are clearly told the duties of their rank by CG’s, and divisionals. And also, GAR has no power over anyone. A Warrant Officer has the same power as a cadet over an immigrant. The only ranks with power and authority is O1+ and divisionals.

This, I can agree with. There isnt many jobs within the city, but that is being worked on. In the new map, there will be jobs, speeder shops, other shops, and even a political group comining soon (the senate).

This game is pay2win, but it is also being fixed for the better. Shotguns are now a 3 shot (50 damage, but they’ll regen 1 health and it’ll make it a 3 shot), golden blaster is a 4 shot rifle, regular blaster is more buffed, and the hand blaster is actually a little more powerful. Along with this, the super blaster has been nerfed from my sources.

This isnt really a thing. If prices reduce, the income will become less, not more, but I assume you don’t have education on buisness.

This seems like a good idea in light, but then you also have this bounty system, which makes self defence absolutely impossible, along with this, if an immigrant kills an RK’er 20 times, theyre KOS for 30 minutes for “defending themself” which completely would counter this point… Also, guns shouldnt be given out, or the game will be a war zone.

This doesnt make sense, considering this also means raiders can’t raid? Which defeats the entire purpose of the game. Imagine you’re raiding, and you’re jailed for misuse of a gun. That’ll for sure kill the entire raiding community, making GAR a dead and boring game.

a reformed community? more like a deformed community

Right, but what if there was a system that if the GAR shot them first, and they shoot back, KoS is not applied after 20kills? Would that work?

This can be abused if this GAR shoots someone for trespassing or cutting the line, which cant be logged, making this trooper not actually rking.

Hm… automatic movement of lines. Once you enter the line, you automatically move forward. There’s a button to leave the line.

This is, an interesting suggestion. But this would really be wierd, imagine your raiding the lines and you auto get into a line

I know. If, for example, a raider kills the person in front of them, they move up a space. This auto-line only applies to immigrants, not GAR.

why would this even be a thing? the raider should be able to walk to the front and kill everyone