A quick question

Zrzut ekranu (710)
As you can see double jump will be on sale tomorrow. Some of you may already have it while some of you not. This question is addressed mainly at those who don’t have it but if you already own it feel free to answer:

Would you buy double jump when it comes back?
  • Yes, regardless of the price.
  • Yes, as long as the price is low enough (How much would you pay for it? Answer in comments.).
  • No, I’m not interested in buying it.

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Double jump bad candy cane gun good.

I own nearly all gamepasses regardless of price, this is one of the few I don’t have so by law, I’m required to buy it.

Candy cane shotgun is now bad. It’s 3 sometimes 4 shot weapon with better range than shotgun. Both shotgun and candy cane shotgun have been nerfed. Back then it was god weapon now lightsaber is better.

Gun Name Body Damage Headshot Damage Range Fully Automatic Heat Production Cooling Power Mode
Candy Shotgun 3 4.5 100 No 10 4 Shotgun
Shotgun Blaster 5 7.5 60 No 12 4 Shotgun

Candy does less damage but has higher range and it can do more shots.

It still doesn’t 1 shot from close distance.

Candy cane gun is litterally a 2 shot or 3 shot now. Its basicly a remodeled shotgun, its exactly the same as the normal one.