A new division "Senate Guard"


The Senate Guard/ Senate Commando

The Senate Guard was a law enforcement unit similar to Coruscat Guard, But they were tasked with protecting The most important personell of the Senate. The division/company didn’t use clones but they worked with the clones and existed at the same time. If this division would see the daylight in GAR it would be restricted to a small amount of people because it doesn’t have a too big range of duties it would have the same recruiting way as the Coruscant Guard does now but it wouldn’t be open forever and the maximum amount of days to stay in stage one would be 3 days. The first rank would be name “Senate Commando”, they would serve the same purpose as Coruscant Guard Guardsmen but they would be the more elite version, more loyalty, more respect, more training. The second and final rank would be named “Senate Guards” and they would be tasked with protecting all of the GAR HICOM whatever Division they are. Captain “Jayfon” would lead all of the division, the “second” in command would be the Captain “Argyus” but I would like this to be the first division with 2 equal captains who would lead together as a two man team. If it would be possible then I would lead the division myself and also prove my leading skills in the process I would make the academy open as soon as possible with me as the main instructor and only, as the population of the division grows we would have more instructors and the Second in command “Captain Argyus” would be promoted. If this division would be a thing you would like to see then upvote this suggestion so the developers would see this.

The first from the left would be the Jayfon morph, The second would be the Argyus morph and the third would be the normal morph for the Senate commando which is the first rank.

The Senate Guard rank would look a bit like Red Guard but just blue and with another helmet. You can see the Senate guard morph on the left of the picture.

If this actually is upvoted and liked then if a developer approves this then I could help with the morph design and the general stuff.

If there are any more questions about the division then head to:
Senate Guard | Wookieepedia | Fandom.

Already in development.

And suggested way back when, glad it’s coming though!