A firing range for aim

Many people buy weapons but there may be no raiders, so why not create a shooting range to test yourself in combat and aim. I also believe there should be a point system there, so every time a person gets a specific amount of points they get power.
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Use one of the many aim trainers on roblox if you want.
Also this shouldn’t really give power, that would likely be a really easy way to get a lot of power easily which isn’t really a good thing.

I kind of like this idea. Coruscant needs more gameplay features, and this could be it.

It may not be better than aim trainers, but it’s just another gameplay feature which isn’t bad. Plus, could be balanced. Perhaps every 100 hits is 1 power, or every 200, but you get the point.

again, holding click and point on a target should not give you power, it can be AFK farmed likely with a script(and would give a lot more power than actually AFK farming in a shorter period of time)

True, but it wouldnt be a static target likely. I was imagining a moving target so it’s kinda like a minigame.