A different place for the door to the bridge

Change the door from behind the border to the one in the booth with cameras. Some immigrants might wander around and accidentally walk through that door, teleporting them to the bridge. Immigrants aren’t allowed on bridge, so they’ll be terminated. Or if they jump down from the bridge they’ll drop in that little alleyway to the booth, or they might just drop back to the border and have to redo the procedures again.

Change to this door as the entrance to the bridge instead.

But if they walked through the door on the bridge they would get access to the booth

This is a good idea, i don’t like that everyone get one the bridge, so changing it’s location would be good.

In the first place with this, you would be restricting also anyone below Specialist for most to access the bridge easily. In the second place, in most cases, the bridge is open to anyone if there’s no presence of anything that prevents so. This is intended to allow anyone with non-jetpack to easily access that without a problem and there’s still the invisible wall (not sure if was changed) that prevents this.

In regards,
HermanosLuDi, Beta tester.

But immigrants are not allowed on bridge, and spec below have no use for the bridge.
So why not move the spot?

What I mean is that everyone is allowed there and no one should kill under any grounds unless for example, a HiCOM decides to restrict this area temporarily.