A CG arrested me, who's in the right?

I need your opinion on this please. (Don’t use the “He is CG he knows what he is doing” excuse of a response)

So I was minding my business to double jump glitch up a wall to the bridge that goes above the border and an immigrant (Who I killed prior because he was in the restricted zone next to me) was trying to get in to sneak in again using the double jump glitch, so I killed him. I continued to double jump then got cuffed by a CG and arrested me for RK. I was jailed then eventually reset. I found the CG and asked the if she/he had proof of the RK *since I didn’t remember killing him) and she/he gave me two screenshots showing me killing him. I explained why I killed him and she/he said that he was not in the restricted area yet and it’s still considered RK, that she’s in CG she knows what is and isn’t RK and what isn’t then said “this is a learning experience” and that was everything relevant.

I will post a reply with screenshots of the incident if i’m in the wrong and shouldn’t report this to CG’s command as evidence, and possibly get a punishment for her/him.

Thanks for reading. If you are a CG or Ex CG then please respond with what you know and your opinion if I should report or not since im not sure if killing him was considered RK.

Thanks for reading!

You’re supposed to kill a immigrat who kills only if he continues to kill you or open carries if you kill him constantly without any reason it’s considered as RK. Immigrants aren’t supposed to camp on the bridge or above the booth but most gar ignore them because they’ve got guns. I don’t see you in the wrong but the cg must have seen it as RK.


You are in the right. Report that CG to the appropriate CC whenever you can.

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Please send the proof here. Then someone can tell you if you should report the CG.

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Ok ill post the screenshots of the convos.

Screen Shot 2021-04-19 at 10.46.41 PM

By the looks of the CG’s screenshots, the immigrant was heading back towards the line. Therefore it would be considered RK because he was not trying to enter/in a restricted area.

Also, a bunch you pictures of you in jail doesn’t really help. Just one is needed to prove the CG jailed you.

He was running because I was killing him, I was testing full graphics so I was really laggy and he was frozen in front of me while I was killing him so I guess that’s why the CG thought it was RK.

That doesn’t matter, he entered the restricted area, therefore he must be killed. No matter if he was going back.


Thanks for the report, I guess from reading this, this will be looked into. Next time, feel free to report anything, where you think they are right or wrong, to any Guardsmen MR/Shock or either myself.

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Nozarus is CE? In what world? I remember targeting you in CTs because I thought you were bad at combat lmao.

If I remember correctly you are turdpoo420 and former riot?

I changed my name.
I was also a former shock.

I’m ixer, not sure if you remember me.

I do. I remember you vividly.

Wait that sounds an awful like turdboi420… Where you a jacksuscksatlife Viewer?

Well the pictures don’t show what area he entered, all it shows is the immigrant next to the line.

The CG said that he was in restricted area too. so.

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