91st speeder sidecar

Making a sidecar for 91st speeders so 91st can carry around people and drop them off at like bank or other locations and carry them to attack raiders more easily.


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no, 91st dont need to be a taxi service

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Nothing in the game “needs to be.” I like this idea. It’s a QOL change, and doesn’t affect balance/gameplay too much.

91st isnt meant to be a literal taxi service

This is literally so unnecessary, there is no need for this.

They are meant to be a company who’s unique perk is speeders and managing roads and their laws. Makes sense that a “taxi service”, if you chose to phrase it that way (I would much rather think of it as a way of bringing a secondary trooper with them to get to raiders faster), belongs in that category.

Again, they are NOT a taxi service.
They are meant to be a recon force, not to carry troopers everywhere with them.
Besides you should be able to rent speeders in the revamp if you want to get a speeder ride.

considering that EVERY 91st gets immediate access to speeders, this idea isnt plausible

but there is the possibly that speeders are going to get a shop for them again (as they were going to in the previous ‘new map’), i feel it is more preferable that a multi-seat speeder can be bought there, since there are already a lot of existing type of speeders that can be chosen and modelled from

To be clear: No BARC speeders were meant to be used as taxis. I agree. However, we’ve seen multiple times that sidecars exist for them, AGAIN not for taxi purposes. Doesn’t matter what you think they should and shouldn’t be. Sidecar speeders exist.

Well i do understand, i never thought as a taxi service and more of a extra defensive for gar.

But they could be used as a taxi in retrospect

There is a speeder with a sidecar, but the fact is that this is a part only for the BARC division uses the BARC speeder, but not the end there are several options such as a two-person, command vehicle, transporting a wounded soldier, and of course a sidecar. As far as I know they are planning to add a speeder for GAR only a regular one, similar to the BARC speeder model.