91st "Speed Demon" Company [Need Heal guns]

Hello, my name is xNoeliaHD05. “Speed Demon” Company Commander, recently we changed to a Support company, and would be great to have Heal guns, not only because we’re are “Support” we need something special to become SD more fun and unique, so we don’t die.

This is approved by all HICOM on 91st, even C3
Sky, you can ask them if you want, it’s not hard to give us the Heal gun, because is already a thing in the game, hope you take this in mind, because we really need something that make SD Company unique and special.

Thank you.


( Any helpful resources - videos / images )

Probably try support as reinforcements also 91st already got speeders no need to give health guns

We already tried this, and it’s not good at all compared to the other 2 companies in 91st. Right now “Speed Demon” is just what a GAR or a normal divisional member do, “Assist bank” “Assist border” as I said would be good if we can get Heal guns, we have speeders yeah, but imagine a Speeder-Medic Company, way better? that’s my point. Please we need this.


Additional, to what I said above, CG riot gets = Cuff and shield, nothing prevent us to have Speeders and heal guns, taking in mind it would be very cool and 100% effective.

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Yes please, thank you.

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Yes would be very appreciative, since SD is already a support company, I also thing they should add a medic symbol or two onto the morph.

I actually like this idea for a fun reason:

It could be made so people in the Speed Demon company could drive around with their heal guns out, stopping when they see a random GAR member and healing them. They should try and not heal innocent looking immigrants just in case they are secretly raiders.

Since I am in the “Speed Demon” Company, I know that it is a bit boring now because there is nothing to do in-game except driving speeders which gets boring after some time. If we have a heal gun, we can heal our teammates during raids, stopping bank robberies. I really think “Speed Demon” should have medi-guns.

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Yup I agree. Having Speed Demon do “moral support” in our patrols is admittedly funny, but hardly effective lol.

Support isn’t necessarily healers. Support more often than not refers to a heavily armed class that suppress enemies to help the main force move further up.

It’s not about that dude.

We aren’t support in that way, we are support as healers, that’s why I am asking for the heal gun. Greetings.

That isn’t really a valid argument though. 7th, 104th, 187th, all have nothing at all yet.

It will be cool if you have ambulances too.

7th Is getting a free jump pack in the revamp.