91st should get Force Fields


All these other divisions have force fields and 91st is the only division left out of this? I don’t that is fair as 91st isn’t a sub division it is a main division. 91st deserve this force fields as much as these other divisions.
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Only RG, RC, and 41st have forcefields. You already have speeder bikes. 104th and 501st don’t have any special guns, forcefields or other items.


no hell no, omg pls no. we already have many divisions with this, its just so broken


Last time I checked CG have it aswell.

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There shouldn’t be half the divisions with it and the other half without it.

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CG do not have forcefields

327th have it right?

no dude. play the game please.

91st does not deserve these at ALL. they are not a support or backup division. sheilds arent a trend. they arent left out of this. bruh ur being goofy witht his whole sub div thing. no they dont. IF YOU VOTE FOR YOURSELF IM GOING TO TURN YOU INTO A RAT.

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My god

No. Only a few divisions have it.

no they dont have it

fix your skills against raiders instead of asking for more buffs its annoying divisionals begging for stuff especially when they beg even more after they get what they want 91st has speeders the other divisions don’t do you think that is fair?

Divisionals in general have lost so much skill, but that’s what happens when they get to be lazy in FOB.

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91st got EXCLUSIVE helmets, a FREE PERMANENT speeder, and you want a sheild that only 3 divisions have? No.

I love 91st but yall don’t need another buff/upgrade.

Im pretty sure lack of quality control in tryouts is the main reason for it. Nothing to do with the barrier.

You seem to be a cool dude but we could fight about the barrier daily so let’s not get into it.

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You guys already have speeders. Althought they are quiete useless, I think that is enough. And don’t forget that some divisions don’t have anything special.

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I personally would rather have a speeder than a force field. 91st should only get one once every other division gets one. And that should only happen after every other division has something special.


Now GAR is turning into SiegeSquad’s TCAR.