91st Companies speeders should get the gun feature. (Don't allow others to use because gun could be abused)

(Or the troopers could get it too) I think the speeder should really be added because if there are guns on the 91st speeder, then why can’t you use them?

why though
not like you really have any other speeders to like shoot down and getting raiders to stand in front of your guns just right wouldnt really happen

Your shooting it like a blaster, you can shoot it anywhere. Also have it do a little more DMG than a blaster rifle so you do not have to spam. Like 5 shots. Also, why would you shoot your fellow 91st’s speeders.

no. There’s no point. maybe in the new map but now it’s useless.

That certainly makes it a bit busted. The point of speeders is you become faster at the sacrifice of firepower. Plus, where in any movie/show could the speeders aim? They could only ever shoot forward.

You are just greedy. Divisions like 501st get absolutely nothing. You got a speeder. A gun? OP.

We don’t talk about the 501st here