326th Sky Corps is stuck at the loading screen

PicklePoral is stuck in the loading screen.

Proof :

That’s not a bug

Using a glitch with a sleigh and a jetpack in the right place can get you there if you try hard enough

This isn’t reportable, anyone can get there if they know how to do it.

Really, it’s a bug. No one can ever be shown at the loading screen.

lmao, new to the game eh?

I’ve literally been there. I know what I’m talking about.
The loading area isn’t a GUI it’s an actual area underneath the map. (The buttons are a GUI of course)

So how do I get there, lol.

Not telling, lol

Simple. Use a sleigh in the right position and a jetpack.


We are aware of this glitch. Players purposefully glitch into this area.
We have left it in-game as a cool easter-egg.