24 hours is a terrible idea

I get the point of making stuff last 24 hours is to make them more rare. Instead, why not make these weapons expensive or earnable in a difficult way, but let you actually keep them???

I like your idea, but I think the purpose is that the free items only last 24 hours in order to protect the income that the community receives through robux purchases. But what you say is true, they could implement an option that includes purchases with many credits, but that are permanent.

That’s true, but there is no reason for a jetpack in a lego game that gets updated maybe at most once a month to cost the same as a full game. If those items were cheaper, sure, maybe then 24 hours wouldn’t be so bad. If you are committed enough to earn, let’s say 50k - 100k credits, you should be able to AT LEAST buy a gun permanently.

Well, I share your situation, since I can’t afford gamepasses like those, they are very expensive. I recently suggested incorporating a jetpack via 24 hours.