181st Armor Division

They will look similar to the 41st Elite Corps. Their health will be increased by 25-50, they shall also gain damage resistance. They will have lessened the damage by 10-25 percent. Their movement speed will be reduced by 5 percent. They will have shields similar to the ones belonging to the Coruscant guard’s ,Riot company. Their shields will posses a shade of green the same as their armor.

They will have several companies. One shall provide the clones in it’s company with heavy weapons, armor that reduces movement speed by 15 percent, and possibly a company that drives an A4 Juggernaut or heavily armored.

We don’t need this. Don’t vote for yourself :skull_and_crossbones: .

  1. This looks too similar to 41st.
  2. This is REALLY overpowered.
    A. These kinds of ground-based military vehicles aren’t used usually on Coruscant
    B. That’s like really overpowered
    C. Literally no point
  4. We don’t need anymore divisions right now

This is 41st, this guy can’t even find a proper picture

The photo provided by ‘Orangez’ is the 181st skin from Battlefront.

Attached below is a photo of the 41st Elite Corps from the same game.

Attached below is a photo of the 41st Scout Battalion from the same game.

the first one is not 41st

I didn’t mean to vote for myself and I don’t know how to remove it

Thank you for clarifying it for them.

Should I balance it out more?

This division seems fair.

1: The 41st armor is now camouflage, not green like that.
2: That’s all I got for now.

Divisions don’t tend to have such perks and disadvantages. Divisions and companies which are given perks are usually given shields or extra guns - not humanoid property changes.

It is. The battlefront 2 photo is the same as the old healing company for the 41st before the morphs were taken down.