104th Batallion Allowed to Rk?

I was rdmed by a trooper member of the 104th Batallion and he claims even reporting him with my video of him getting in my face then shotgunning me, that nothing would be done about it or happen to him because “it can’t do anything to me”. Is this claim factual or should I go ahead and report it on [Player] [Rking]?

No division is allowed to RK. You might have been KOS, but if you think it was RK then you should report it.

I’m sure I was not KOS, I was standing watching from the center gate and another player I’m already reporting of rdming comes up bothering me. Then that 104th Trooper walked up and talked down to me saying that specialist that was rdming me in my spawn at the hotel was in the right because he can do whatever to a player that is standing still and so I said “bug off, you’re trying to say rdming is right” and he shotgunned me saying “I hate people like her”. (Have all that in the recording so should go well)

But I was also informed reporting them by forms will be useless and I’ll need to send a dm to the officer of the 104th so I’ll be doing that in a bit.

Why would a divisional be above the law? Doesnt make much sense to me.


No Divisional is allowed to Random Kill or Team Kill. If this does happen, take a video and report it under the Reports category.


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