+1 power for the reports


It would be nice that when you do a correct report you get 1 power as a thank you. However, thanks to your report you contribute to making the community better and it would be nice if you were rewarded. (obviously only if the report is approved)

There are so many ways to get power in GAR. It has become much easier and more accessible. Reporting should not be done for profit. It would be very dishonest and stupid.

I made this topic for explots only. If we made it for reports then false reports would be flooding in, the most minor rule break could get you in trouble. You’d be walking on thin ice 24/7, not fun.

Exploiters are indistinguishable from non-exploiters and more reports on it wouldn’t hurt anyone as the only ones being on ice are the exploiters.

Just remembered my suggestion got deleted with the old forum aswell.


Mhm, Yes indeed it is true … it was a stupid idea

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It wasn’t that bad, I believe you must have heard it from the TSU forum, makes sense to give incentives afterall it’s a principal of management.